суббота, 28 июля 2012 г.


...worn-out sun green dream red banner kids ... experiments with literary style ugly and funny teddy bears ... interference, noise and fury ... hit hard leaving slash wounds on his hands and black spots on the temples ... doublethink and ambiguity do with - three-dimensional, three-dimensional absolute most felt by the light of a night lamp ... and at constant ruthlessly dragged noise offset by the ability to close itself from itself ... printed hand vomit meaning minor children scrawled on ... eyes creeds dead generations ... uncertainty ... fuck LSD-reality flows under the scorching sun of nightmares ... dead poets sounding voices in his head after a late-night vigil ... urban landscape dumps voiced cartoon characters through a condom ... cranky most do not want to psyche-written by cheap chinese recorder and mix one-armed bandit in mask monster from paris ... welcome to the mythical world of sick fantasies...

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tashkent 100214

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